Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MORE rust

So I cleaned up the dash some more. Chiseled away at some rust and vacuumed. Took out the air vents so that I could get to the attach bolts that held the dash pad on. the best surprise yet was opening up the vents and finding dried up sunflower seeds in the air ducts. hundreds of shells fell out of both side and made a sick mess. Vacuum time. So after that mess - I had to take a screw driver and wedge open the small bracket that held the dash pad prong on. It involved use of a mirror, small screw driver and curse words. Many curse words. The curse words didn't help out as much as I'd like but I got the pad off. There would have been no way to pull it off by hand without breaking something - like a finger. I had to remove all of the dash guts. So now I need to order a new dash tin and get a welder. But first figure out how to get the old one off.

In the mean time I am still working on the Steering. I was going to replace the manual steering with new power steering components but, since the old one works fine and it would cost some money and research to get the right parts for a 455 brackets/ pulleys/ hoses/ pitman arm , I opted to stay with the original. I did clean it some more to knock off as much rust as I could and cleaned it with some Eastwood paint prep. Then I use POR-15 on it so it won't rust anymore. I'll order a repop steering knuckle (rag joint) when I order the dash replacement piece. The steering will be set and later I will try to restore the original deluxe steering wheel.

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