Sunday, May 4, 2008

Manual Steering box removed

The manual steering box is incredibly rusty looking and seemed to have some slop in it. So I tried removing it but the pitman are would not come off easily. So a stop at O-rielly's today and I came back with a pitman arm puller. Three turns and it popped off. I should take the puller back but since I never like taking tools back and I always need more. I hope that my wife does not read that. Cleaned the gear box with a power drill and abrasive pad. Looks ten times better. I clean it a little better tomorrow and slap some paint on it. I have the option of upgrading to power steering at this time but the gear box is in good working order and seems a waste to throw it out. I can live with it for now. But I do need to get a brand new rag joint. So I'll order one tonight and hopefully be able to put everything back together.

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