Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Long line. Euphemism for Tax assessors office. The car is titled though, and has some classic plates. The previous owner gave me some brand new 1968 Texas Hemisfair Plates that look sweet with the black paint job. The only problem was that the old Colorado plate was tacked on with security screws. So I got the grinder out and heated up the screw enough to melt the plastic inserts. I sprayed the plates with a clear coat to add some scratch resistance and after it dried attached them to the car. They look sweet and I put them on with my own security screws. I cut some pieces of black tubing to put a spacer between the plates and the screws so they don't scratch up with road vibration.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My first project car has been sold to my friend Carl. I hope to help him out with the car to see it finished.

as for the blackbird my wok is just beginning. So far I got the front pillar vynals inserts in with some 3M adhesive. Got a manual choke set up on the carb. I then took the emblems i repainted and put them on the new bird. I ordered some new rear shocks and I am about to buy new rear multi leaf springs, shackles and bushings since the old one sags.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emblems painted

Took some modeling paint and made the old look new. Then hit it with some glossy clear to protect them.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mid-Life Crisis?

Soooooo. I got another car. Is this a problem? And my wife is okay with that? has the pregnancy gotten to her? Maybe? I found another HALFER that need to sell. His price met what I thought the car to be and before I knew it I was driving it home. I think I have Firebird Fever. Pontiac Pneumonia.

2 inches more

Room is getting tight in the garage. I have playing Tetris with my toys for the better part of a year. So finally convinced myself that there is no reason why this beautiful motor should be sitting on a stand. So I gave my friend Carl a call and he graciously helped me 'drop' the engine in. Without the radiator support in the way is went in pretty effortlessly. Now that it is in is looks like a car. A car with no front fenders; but a car that has the potential for going somewhere other than from one side of the garage to the other. Now I can get rid of the huge 2 ton engine hoist and free up a huge amount of realestate. Also discovered that the 4 speed Muncie is the matching numbers for this car.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interior dash componets reinstalled

Little work, some cussing and I didn't end up with anything missing. So dash is repainted and wiring is reconnected. I refurbished the kick panels and they look as good as new.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update - Dash is almost done.

Interior is coming together. Funny how easy it came apart, and how hard it is to remember how it goes back.... Where does this extra screw go? I guess it's good when all the pieces you categorized in little bags find a place back on the car.
So here are some pictures of the final firewall.
The OLD the New chassis black

The in between Por 15'd

I think I am doing something right. Also painted the front dash and got the the dash pad and all of the driver side reinstalled. The Steering column was also reattached back to the new rag joint and manual steering box. Still need to recondition the kick panels and reinstall the heatercore and heater box. Then I'll get the radio and heater controls back in. Then finally the glove box will go home. So one more good evening of stuff to do.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hurricane over. The car is OKAY.

September is over and I have little to no work on the car because of it. We lucked out and had no flooding. I have to say I am sick of fixing fences. Post hole digging is a good reminder why I went to school to get a degree. My right arm is also like Popeye from all the hammering.
I did finish the steering wheel tonight. I finished cleaning the chrome and horn buttons. The chrome was cleaned with some soap and water and some aluminum foil. There was a weird funk that was growing on the chrome. Looked like some primordial algae from the 60's.