Sunday, July 27, 2008

Been a while since I last posted. Home repairs set me back a little. Took a couple of weekends to completely gut the dash. I made sure to label all the electrical connections and documented where the were routed. I removed the engine wiring harness, circuit breaker box and interior harness. Also had to do some research to take the ignition, headlight, and light knobs.

Need to also transfer the VIN plate. Got a rivet gun from the new Home depot that opened up close to the house (Man land - as my wife calls it). Two rivets later - its on. Way easier than I though it would be.
I needed to borrow a welder. Easy right? Found a coworker that had a wire feed MIG. Went to his house, took a look, and left it there. I found that exposed wires, a huge empty take and total lack of safety told me not to borrow it. Found another coworker. This one was small and no gas. So I'd attempt some fluxwire welding. After turning it on it tripped my circuit breaker on my extention reel. Problem: the motor was stuck. That's what happens when you use a 10 year old welder that has been sitting outside.
Fine I'll get my own- Trip to Northern tool. Got a small wire fed and a tank of Ar/Co2.
Practice practice practice.... Good thing I saved the old panel to get the voltage and wire speed right. BTW - the web is awesome- DIY MIG - lessons and video.
This weekend, hot as hell. Scratch that. Hotter than the red hot hate of a thousand suns. Saturday I got to it though and prepped and painted the new part. I planned on attaching it with some plug welds. Got it test fitted and marked it off. So today I got into the garage and set it all up. 3 hours later - its on. Just need to ground down one side tomorrow.
I guess my first major project on the car is complete.