Sunday, November 16, 2008

HALFTX Boctoberfest von Riss

Picture from the HALF meet.

a Camaro snuck in

And my Bird Debut

Sunday, November 9, 2008

First weekend work on BlackBird

Friday night UPS dropped off the new set of leaf springs, heavy duty shackles and new bushings. With a little internet research I figured that this was a doable project this weekend. Had enough jack stands to do the work safely and it gave me an excuse to run to Home Depot and buy a new Torque wrench. Let me start by saying this is an easy procedure. Lift this, disconnect that, remove, install, reconnect - BAMM - Done.

6 hours later.
4 - F Bombs
2 - Son of ..
#1 Quote of the weekend - Why the F won't this J-nut work! ( Passenger side)
#2 Quote of the weekend - Damn you J-nut ( Driver's Side)

I won't kid myself. I am a novice at best, as a shade tree mechanic. However, I am a Mechanical Engineer. I teach people about the Space Shuttle. I can read a service manual, read the internet, read a schematic, and use a wrench. And I am still amazed that something so simple (mechanically speaking) is such a huge pain in the rear end.
My arms are tired. But the springs are in.