Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mini Me Firebird

I bought a old pedal car from a friend in Freeport that got this little gem off of ebay. I wanted to get to work on it so I could have it ready for Autorama this year.

It started in pretty bad shape. I had to remove all the rust from all of the hardware and fill in all the scratches and dings in the plastic.It had been a well loved toy in its day.


Then I got to work on the paint which is merely a rattle can job. I plan on re shooting it when I get a good set of spray guns. But for now the kiddo can play in it all he want without worry. Sort of like my car now. A good 10ft paint job.

I  also made some decals of the firebird emblems, gauges, tail lights and grills. I got some plexi-glass from Home depot and shaped a windshield.

 Ultimately it was a hit at Autorama this year but I still want toadd some working tail lights and headlights, fiberglass a real looking grill and maybe add some car sounds.

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