Monday, November 14, 2011

Johnny 5 is Dead

Well this is a new one for me. Saturday after the Alvin car show I saw my Fuel gauge jump past the 'Full' and then bounce back to the 3 o'clock position. It weird ed me out. All my other electronics seemed to be working. and the car was running fine. I knew I had plenty of gas to make it home so I had to bypass the HALF groups yearly celebration!
My first thing to check was the fuse. No dice. I had a feeling that wasn't the problem since all the other gauges were working.
So it's got to be a grounding issue. I checked the grounding wire coming out of the fuel sending unit. It looked a little gunky so I I cleaned it with a wire brush and and cleaned the trunk wall where it was attached. Reconnected the battery and ..... No dice.
So maybe a bad connection at the circuit board.  I dropped the steering column and took off the gauges.
Pretty obvious in the picture to what caused the weird signature. Part ordered and I hope it gets here soon. Autorama is next week! I have to have a fuel gauge so the fire warden lets me in.

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