Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The flat black for the top of the dash works alright, but the front instrument panels needs a little gloss. Rustoleum Black Satin (7777) worked great. Hit the front with a couple of coats. But plane on adding one more coat tomorrow. also got around to sand/prep/painting the glove box door and matching it with the same black. The back of the door still has the original sticker so I masked it and will not pull it off. I will work around it, it's been there for 40 years and will be there for another 40. I had ordered some new dash knob bezels and cleaned the knobs up some. I took a good scrub to all the faux woodgrain bezel covers for the center dash, ash tray and radio cover. All look good. once I hit the dash with a final clear coat I will start installing some of the instuments.

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