Monday, August 25, 2008

Another coat?! Save me dolly

Many inventions/discoveries have effected us all. Of course the internet and it's cornucopia of porn sites. But the invention of craigslist is great. The world's largest garage sale. No more traveling to questionable neighborhoods. People's crap comes to you right on your own computer. My most recent find on craiglist is a set of wheel dollies. $60 bucks and I have a good set of 4 dollies. Steal. Now I can move around my firebird and make more room in the garage at will. Assuming of coaurse I move all the spare parts off the floor and out of the way. But tonight I moved it all by my self and faced it towards the garage door without crunching the wall. So this week I can start sanding off the por 15 coating on the firewall and give it a coat of primer and SEM trim black to match the top of the dash. I wanted it closer to the opening of the garage so the dust won't completely settle all over my tools in the garage. I also picked up a good random orbital sander to get the job done as well.

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