Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brakes Part 3 - Proprtioning valve

Saturday morning - sleep or get out of bed and enjoy one of the last nice weekends that we are going to have in Houston. I took a look at the proportioning valve and saw that it was only be held up by the steel tubing. The bracket bolts were missing so a quick trip to the local Autozone and the valve is mounted. then I discovered why it was not attached. All of the brake lines were not fitted. so after allot of pulling and bending and a little cussing I got all the lines on the valve. I took a look at the brake pedal and discovered that it was not attached to the booster. The connector was on but it was too long and need to be screwed down so that it would align with the brake pedal pin hole. Which meant disconnecting all the lines I had attached and taking the entire master cylinder and booster off so I could back the screw off. then after test fitting the booster and the alignment with the pedal hole I finally got the settled out. So booster back on, proportioning valve back on and lines reconnected. The last thing to get done is to attached the front brake hose brackets. I had dipped them in some carb cleaner and left them there for a night. Then took out a sanding disc to knock off the rest of the rust. I'll paint them tomorrow and attach them later in the week. I'll looking into bleeding the master cylinder next weekend.

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