Sunday, November 9, 2008

First weekend work on BlackBird

Friday night UPS dropped off the new set of leaf springs, heavy duty shackles and new bushings. With a little internet research I figured that this was a doable project this weekend. Had enough jack stands to do the work safely and it gave me an excuse to run to Home Depot and buy a new Torque wrench. Let me start by saying this is an easy procedure. Lift this, disconnect that, remove, install, reconnect - BAMM - Done.

6 hours later.
4 - F Bombs
2 - Son of ..
#1 Quote of the weekend - Why the F won't this J-nut work! ( Passenger side)
#2 Quote of the weekend - Damn you J-nut ( Driver's Side)

I won't kid myself. I am a novice at best, as a shade tree mechanic. However, I am a Mechanical Engineer. I teach people about the Space Shuttle. I can read a service manual, read the internet, read a schematic, and use a wrench. And I am still amazed that something so simple (mechanically speaking) is such a huge pain in the rear end.
My arms are tired. But the springs are in.

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Anonymous said...

LOL I am in the process of doing a grounds up restore,after doing so many of them on different cars mustang mach1's Cuda's Challengers ect. I never ever had so many OMG this car is a pain in the butt to work on! Seems Pontiac wouldbe a bid easlier than most WOW was I fooled! But its coming a,ong nicely nowjust about to do a complete disc brake change over from drums Wish me luck again